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Worcester Green Drinks Relaunch!

10 Jan

We are excited to announce the Worcester Green Drinks will be relaunching this month. Please join us at the Worcester Clean Tech Incubator for a Green Drinks Mixer on January 26th.

More details:

Thursday, January 26th 2017

Join the Worcester Clean Tech Incubator (WCTI) and Intelligen.Energy to relaunch Green Drinks Worcester. Joe Bush from WCTI  and Seth Mansur from Intelligen.Energy will be hosting the event and look forward to facilitating the event.

WCTI - Worcester CleanTech Incubator

Worcester CleanTech Incubator’s mission is to foster the growth of new enterprises to address the most pressing issues of our time.  We believe that entrepreneurship is the lifeblood of innovation and the key to society’s transition towards sustainability.  WCTI provides both the physical and network resources companies need to propel their ideas to market.

Founded and operated by the Institute for Energy and Sustainability, we are a community in the heart of central Massachusetts dedicated to building change.  The WCTI facility, located in the Printers Building at 44 Portland Street in Worcester, provides over 10,000 square feet that offers private offices, co-working space, conference rooms, event space, and prototyping labs.

The Worcester CleanTech Incubator is owned and operated by the Institute for Energy and Sustainability, which is a 501(c)3 non-profit.


We’ve developed a simple way to go solar. Traditionally, in order to find a match, you have to call 5 companies, sit with 5 salespeople, and sort through 5 bids – all of which are telling you they are the best . . .

Intelligen.Energy takes a different approach where we value you. As your solar consultant, we learn about your home, discover your needs, create the optimal design for your home, and find the best match in the marketplace – all while educating you on solar energy, the solar industry, and your options for going solar

Additionally, Intelligen.Energy provides key services that help to simplify and accelerate the adoption of solar for homeowners and businesses:

  • Residential Consulting and Bidding Service (Free)
  • Client Provision for Solar Contractors
  • Development of Commercial Solar Solutions
  • Commercial Solar Financing
  • Industry Consulting
  • Professional Classes and Courses

Green Drinks: Worcester

22 Jan